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hurricane earl has begun it's assault on the east coast. winds more than 100 miles an hour, driving rains moving from the carolinas into virginia now. good evening, i'm jim vance. doreen is off this morning. the rain is already battering
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parts of north carolina as hurricane earl edges even closer to our area. states of emergency have been declared up and down the east coast. residents are preparing to board up in virginia beach, bracing for a direct hit along the cape in massachusetts. let's get right to our meteorologist doug cameron now. >> great news here continuing to come in from the national hurricane center. earl continues to weaken, just 105 miles an hour, that is now a cat ge category 2 storm. something else, it's a little further offshore, that means the winds are not going to be nearly as devastating as they could have been if the eye of the storm was coming closer to shore. look at this jog it's taken the last couple hours off to the north and east. it will make its way up the coast well o our shore line, but we have along the atlantic beaches, we have that tropical storm warning that is in effect
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through the day tomorrow. we're going to be watching it closely during the early morning hours it tomorrow and into early afternoon as well. coming up, i'll be back to tell you what to expect around the washington, d.c., area. jay gray has been riding out this storm in north carolina's outer banks and has this report from kill devil hills. >> reporter: as nightfalls on the outer banks, there are clear signs earl is on the way. winds picking up as the storm moves closer to the coast. the latest evidence earl is a massive storm. the eye will pass off the carolina coast. but could still deliver a punishing blow. which is why many tourists packed up and pulled out mandatory evacuations along the coast cancelling their labor day trip to the beach. >> they asked us to leave. we're going to have cut our vacation short this year. >> to the north there was one day before fun and sun before earl turns his attention there. >> it may very well affect all of cape cod, and the islands off
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cape cod, extremely gusty winds, high surf and hurricane conditions expected there. the end of long island will get clipped. it's going to be a close call for much of the east coast. >> a preview unfolding in the outer banks tonight. jay gray, nbc news, kill devil hills, north carolina. >> as they say, they're a very close call. we dodged a bullet. i think most of the holiday weekend is going to be okay. i'll show you what to expect for saturday, sunday and monday as well. >> good news. >> it is. >> thanks, doug. while earl makes its way through the mid-atlantic, the most serious concern is for the northeast, specifically as anoted, massachusetts. dozens of emergency personnel from our area left for the cape tonight to provide support. darcy spencer has that story. >> we're excited, aren't we? >> nice boy. >> reporter: victoria and her
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rescue dog are heading to massachusetts with the montgomery county urban be search and rescue team. >> fonzie is a young dog, he's only two. fema requires them to be 18 months to be certified. and he just got certified. this is our first mission. >> reporter: they're taking 80,000 pounds of equipment to help if hurricane earl devastates cape cod. earl is expected to pack 100 mile per hour winds. >> do building by building, house by house searches to make sure no one is trapped in any collapsed houses. >> reporter: the men had to get ready on short notice. >> my wife and three kids were on their way out to dinner. i had to stop that pretty fast. both my kids are upset. it's part of the life that we lead. >> reporter: this team has been
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dispatched during hurricanes many times before but typically there's been to the gulf coast. this will be the first time in a long time they'll be traveling north. tracy brought her two daughters so they could say good-bye to their daddy. >> the biggest feeling is we're proud of them. proud of what they're going out to do. and it's just very heartwarming to know they're going out to help people that need it. >> despite the threat that hurricane earl poses there are some people who like storms like this. on the outer banks today, this surfer was pulled high into the air by a strong wind gust. you'll have to take our word for it. this restaurant owner let everybody know he planned to stay open until it's just physically impossible to do so. doug will be back with more on hurricane earl and its impact on our area coming up later in the broadcast. turning now to the hostage situation at discovery channel
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headquarters yesterday. this morning we're getting a new look just after the hostages were freed and athey were told by the ploes to stay down. emergency radio transmissions are offering new insight into the operations taking place in and around the lobby of that building. jackie benson has our report. >> i got one of the hostages that was laying on the floor. >> reporter: these pictures obtained exclusively by news 4 show the dramatic moments after the hostage stand-off at the discovery building ended. on the ground three men believed to be the just released hostages. per procedure, police would have ordered them into that position as they left the building until s.w.a.t. determined there was no further threat. >> montgomery county police radio transmission document the response to an unimaginable event. an armed man inside the headquarters of discovery communications in downtown
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silver springs. >> i have a sniper observe -- >> reporter: two handguns found with the suspect after he was killed by a s.w.a.t. team officer were both starter pistols that looked like real guns. two backpacks and two packages containing homemade explosive devices were found in the discovery building. more were found at a house in wheaton where lee rented a room. >> had he been able to detonate those devices they would have been lethal certainly to him. clearly the hostages were close enough that they would have been in harm's way. >> reporter: neighbors sele was quiet and kept to himself, they had no idea he had extreme social and political views, a long run ining disagreement wit discovery about programming. officials say the lobby area was
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designed as a public space and they'd like to see it stay that way. jackie benson, news 4. still to come tonight, another fire on yet another oil platform in the gulf. 13 workers regular cued from the water. another count lines up to report their problems with petco this past summer. and an eight foot shark pulled out of the potomac. redskins out west, the reason we are on right now. and plenty of guys fighting for their jobs. we'll have all the highlights as news 4 in the morning contin
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some people who live in maryland who are upset with the way petco handled storm outages last summer. the utility company held a
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public hearing. >> i charge up my cell phone if i know there's a storm coming, because i know the power's going to go out. >> we have in our whole subdivision so often that it damages the electrical appliances that we have in our home. now, this has been going on for so long now that i have petco's number on speed dial on my cell phone. >> officials blame outages on storms and falling trees. they also admit to having communication issues. they vow to spend tens of millions of dollars to improve service over the coming years. there are no signs of an oil spill in the gulf after an explosion on board an oil platform yesterday morning. it happened about 200 miles west of the site of the bp disaster. it is not yet clear what caused the latest blast. the coast guard said the rig was not drilling at the time of the
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accident. 13 people were on the rig. none of them had any serious injuries. they were all pulled from the water. as promised in the first face-to-face mideast peace talks in nearly two years. the talks are underway right here in washington. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and mahmoud abbas agreed to meet regularly until a deal is worked out within a year. u.s. officials are facilitating the talks. negotiations are aimed at creating a sovereign palestinian state next to a secure israel. abbas and netanyahu plan to meet again on september 14th. still coming tonight, a new store set to open in old town manassas may not be the right one at the right place at the right time. good news to report about a dog. and doug joins us again with
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(voice 1) we've detected an anomaly... (voice 2) how bad is it? (voice 1) traffic's off the chart... (voice 2) they're pinging more targets... (voice 3) isolate... prevent damage... (voice 2) got 'em. (voice 3) great exercise guys. let's run it again.
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some community leaders in manassas, virginia are quite upset about an adult-themed store that's scheduled to often in the old town area next month. the store will ruin the time and money spent in recent years to make old town more family friendly. the owner of the store tells news four she's being judged infairly. she promises her store will be classy, upscale and discrete. those opposed to the store are holding a community meeting next tuesday. we have an update on a story we brought you tuesday night. about a special dog that's gotten the attention of d.c.'s police chief. the chief has been visiting an 8-year-old border collie named
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watson at the washington animal rescue league. the chief wants to help watson, but she can't adopt him, because she's already taking care of five other rescue dogs. since our story aired. the shelter has received a number of applications from people who want to help and adopt that dog. willie dean says he pulled out a net to catch some fish on the potomac river, went back and looked at his net the next day, what was in there was an 8-foot bull shark. dean and his crew wrestled with that shark for two hours. they finally got it in. the shark is in his walk-in freezer now. he's not sure what he's going to do with it, but he may have it mounted. i hope he has some strong studs on his wall. that's a big mound. >> bull shark.
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earlier last night this thing was moving a little further to the west. now it's moving even further to the east away from the coastline. if you have plans coming up over the next couple days, don't cancel the plans, and again, looking at a pretty nice couple days. let's show you what's happening out there today -- so far this morning, it's nice out there, the current temperature sitting around 80 degrees. reagan national, a lot of people calling in and e-mailing us, asking about any flight delays tomorrow. i don't think we'll see too many, it will be a good idea to call ahead at times. heat index around 82. dewpoint 65. the humidity around 60%. what are we seeing around the region. the only thing we're seeing now is cloud cover. you can see earl right down here on the bottom of your screen, high clouds from earl around our area, that's all we're going to see tonight. early portions of tomorrow morning, this is the outer banks right here, here's cape hatteras, kill devil hills here as well. watch this over the next three
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hours, look at the eye, pretty well defined eye. watch how this opens up. this storm is weakening, and i think it's weakening pretty fast, right now it's a category 2 storm. i think it's potentially going to be a category 1 by the time the next advisory is issued. where is it going to be? by 8:00 tomorrow afternoon, it will already be up toward new york, well away from our area. this is going to moving very quickly and away from the region. we have tropical storm warnings right along the atlantic beaches. notice it does not include most of the chesapeake except for the extreme southern portion of the chesapeake. i don't expect to see much more than tropical storm force wind. i've revised my wind forecast here, 30 to 40 right along the beaches. 20 to 30 a little further inland including the salisbury area. 15 to 20 around dover, maybe over toward annapolis, look what happens when you get to the district. 10 maybe 15. and to the west of this area, winds will be on the light side
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tomorrow, a lot of us are going to be like what hurricane? it is going to be out there, we're just not going to see the big effects from this storm. morning tomorrow, partly cloudy, mainly dry, showers with a few those down toward portions of southern maryland. temperatures will be on the hot side, a little more humid as well. 85 to 90 degrees, partly sunny, showers east of the chesapeake. it will be turning breezy as you make your way east of the chesapeake. most of us not seeing much at all. 79 saturday, that's the day everyone's going to see winds. still breezy on sunday, high around 80 degrees. 85 on monday. that is labor day, right now, i think we're looking at a great labor day as we move into next week, back to around 90 degrees. all in all, we're getting off pretty easy with this storm. i think a lot of you are going to be happy with the weather we see in the next few days. >> there are going to be a lot of people putting their rubs together for the bbq. not going to rain on you, folks,
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that's the good thing. redskins wrapped up the preseason.
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the next time will be for real, right? >> yeah, next sunday night -- it's 1:30, but i want to hear about the redskins. >> join the club. >> a total of 31 players didn't suit up, so it was all about the backups. and it was quite a game on offense for the redskins. for some, not for others. the first redskins touchdown didn't come until the fourth quarter. the redskins lose their fourth and final game in the preseason.
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let's look at who was on hand for the coin toss. former head hog joe bugel and former head coach of the cardinals. he's loved everywhere. cardinals kicking o. brandon banks back to receive. runs into traffic at the 12. a couple center steps, gear changes and banks finally pushed out of bounds at the 40, putting the skins in great field position. a few plays later, willie parker living up it his fast willie nickname, for the first time this preseason. parker hits best game, seven carries, 35 yards, that sets up this, a 50-yard field goal attempt for graham ganot. and this is pure. would have been good for 60. ties the game at three. late first quarter, banks back on the return, this ball is driven and he must haves it, luckily brandon banks recovers.
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he also has five catches for 65 yards in the game. he's still on the bubble, just before half time, the first touchdown of the game, ail fan sew smith scores from three yards out. check him out here, he does the john wall dance. why is a cardinal running back doing the john wall dance? he went to kentucky, he's allowed. skins finally ready to do some housework. the rookie from ucla scores a 21-yard touchdown. austin was huge. 5 catches for 94 yards, the redskins lose 20-10 was the final. another story line, albert haynesworth not one of those 29 players who did not play. he played, he played a lot. 49 of 55 plays, might be a record for the big fellow. mike shanahan said afterwards he was trying to get albert in football shape. they've been trying to do that for a while. albert had no comment. after the game we'll have more on that story later today. several other games around the league, we start in dallas where
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the cowboys hosted the dolphins, taking a big bite out of this texas burger, probably cost about 20 bucks. but the kid was enjoying it. we start in the second quarter, stevenen mcgee on the play action. goes up top to sam herd, a scoring strike, take another look at this one, i want you to watch the defensive back, goes for the interception, instead of breaking up the play. that's what happens. cowboys take a 7-3 lead. fourth quarter, four seconds to play. cowboys down by 1. david beiler on for the game winning field goal. and it is tasty. cowboys win it 27-25. let's go to new york, bill belichick and the patriots taking on the giants, what do you have here, coach? i think it's going to work pretty well. brian hoyer avoids a couple tackles and he is going the distance. that was a good block, this kid from the u. 66 yards into the house. new england on top, 17-12.
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don't cut out the giants. backup quarterback, 25-year-old from sam houston state, bowmar throws the dart to duke calhoun. he races pat the patriots secondary, 60 yards score. the giants down the path 20-17. the final.
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